About - Eric Eljenholm Photography
Gateway to the North

 Eric Eljenholm is 26 years old and currently resides in Newport Beach, California.  His passion for photography was fully realized while studying Civil Engineering at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo and is currently working full-time as a Civil Engineer.  He utilizes long exposure techniques to emphasize motion in his photographs and give them a dramatic semblance. He aims to capture scenes in a different light or from a different perspective than what has been done before and hopes his work will instill a sense of adventure in people to go out and see the beauty the world has to offer.

Artist's Statement

I love photography as an art form because of its limitations.  Every photo is governed by the lighting and weather conditions present at the exact moment it was taken, and there is something very unique about that.                 

My goal in photography is to inspire people.  My hope is that my photographs evoke the same emotions in the viewer that I felt while shooting them.